Bear Lake Venture Park is a beautiful campground that is located right outside Garden City, UT in the Bear Lake Valley. This campground has been around for decades and is well known to locals and regular summer visitors. Previously known as Camper world, MJM Construction took on the project of renovating and improving this older campground. While this project was meant to update and provide new facilities, there was some charm and history behind some of the older buildings on the campground. Instead of tearing out the main bathhouse and building a new one, MJM was able to construct around the historic bathhouse and update the bathroom facilities while keeping the charm of the olden day building. Along with the new and improved bathrooms, a new office, recreation room, gift shop, and laundry room were all added to the main building. Bear Lake Venture Park is now an updated campground with new tent sites, gorgeous rock walls and new facilities all constructed by MJM.



Little Springs Water plant is one of the largest commercial buildings in the Bear Lake area constructed by MJM Construction. Beautifully located in the mountains and along the Swan Creek River, this cinderblock building stretches up to twenty-three feet in roof height and has 3800 square feet of office space with 1500 square feet of loading docks and 11,000 square feet of manufacturing area. This is a state-of-the-art bottling facility has all of the built in needs to manufacture its own bottles and shrink pack them together. The HVAC system installed in the building is able to provide heat, AC, and also dehumidify while the full filtration system bottling line is in operation. Loading docks in this facility have levelers to adjust to different heights. This project launched MJM Construction into expanding their knowledge and abilities, with a design build in construction industry.



MJM has been the contractor for the first two phases of the Bear Lake Monster Storage units. The first phase included grading the roads, layout of the buildings, all of the utilities (including a new sewer line, storm drain, and retention ponds) and all of the concrete work. The second phase will include grading, concrete and layout of three new buildings. Privacy was also provided in the construction of these storage units with a with a beautiful automatic gated entrance with a key code for unit renters.