This job was completed for Garden City including constructing a new twelve-inch waterline running along Garden City’s newest road, 300 west. This project included placing over a mile worth of piping that included new fittings and fire hydrants. MJM is compliant with state and city guidelines and can perform their own pressure tests and bacteria tests.



MJM Construction was able to be part of the largest project taken on by the town of Garden City. This project consisted of tying existing water tanks together through piping, pump houses, pressure reducing valves and vaults, and all equipment necessary to perform this job. This was a major leap for the town because up until this point, the city was never able to shut down the main water line for maintenance work without cutting off water supply to the residents. The completion of this project allowed so the main water line could be shut off without disrupting residents and also would be able to provide extra storage for water in case of an emergency. MJM had to take on major obstacles in order to complete this job, including crossing the Swan Creek river underground in order to tie the existing main line and new main lines together. This ended up being a major dewatering project consisting of damning up Swan Creek and pumping water up and over to be able to provide space to work on the lines.



This is a brand-new subdivision all constructed by MJM including running all of the sewer, power, water and storm drain. One challenging aspect of this project was creating a second access road through Hodge Canyon to the subdivision. This consisted of a lot of hammering through rock and large cuts and fills in the existing hillside to follow the natural curvature of the landscape. All utilities are running to each individual lot, so every lot is ready to be built on and all utilities are ready to be hooked up to the house.